Exploring the Multiple Endings of Teaching Feeling

Exploring the Multiple Endings of Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling,” is a game with two titles, the other being “Dorei to no Seikatsu,” is deeply captivating visual novel that has captivated numerous gamers through its complex plot and intensely emotional characters. What sets it apart from other visual novels is the fact that the game has multiple endings that depend on choices made during gameplay. In this article we will explore Teaching Feeling’s multiple endings, how they are achieved through decisions made by players, and their emotional impact on them.

Teaching Feeling at its Core

At the heart of Teaching Feeling lies healing and trust-building. You are a doctor who saves Sylvie, a young girl heavily traumatized and abused. The way Sylvie recovers as well as what happens next all depend on your interactions with her. What makes this so appealing is that it forces you to feel deeply concerned about her health—your every decision directly affects her both psychologically and physically.

Key Decisions and Their Consequences

The results can be different or lead to many endings for which you may have to alter your choices within the game. Some of the most important things needed for these endings are as follows:

Sentiment Levels: One main thing is how much Sylvie likes you. This can be achieved by being kind to her every time and doing it regularly over a period of time. If you ignore this or treat her badly then she will not trust you anymore.

Health Care: Make sure that sylvies health is well managed too otherwise there could be some negative outcomes resulting from neglecting her physical state which might eventually affect the entire result altogether.

Everyday Communication: Also, the manner in which you talk with Sylvie daily matters a lot; like taking her out, and doing things together among others.

Teaching Feeling Game

Exploring the Endings

Happy Ending 

For a happy ending, you need to take care of Sylvie all the time and be nice to her every day. To ensure she is healthy, always make sure you have positive interactions with her and do things that would make her feel safe and loved. In this case, she will trust you more which will lead her to like this place finally finding joy and peace here.

Normal Ending

The normal ending occurs if the level of affection from Sylvie is just okay. It happens when there are mixed reactions; both the good and bad sides of treating her are seen. She neither trusts too much nor lacks trust completely towards you so such a result becomes neutral and average at best for anyone involved with such personification in life. Often times bittersweet reflecting upon realities these types of relationships bring forth.

Bad Ending

Sylvie will get mad at you until she calms down if the only thing you do is be mean to her always. It starts with not keeping her healthy, treating her badly, or even ignoring her needs which brings about the bad ending. In that conclusion, there would probably be some closure achieved since this kind of result leaves one with a lot of regret and sorrow. By neglecting someone for so long they forget how it feels like being loved can really mess up their head.

Special Endings

Additionally, Teaching Feeling has introduced special endings depending on your decisions during the game. This serves as an entertainment strategy that keeps players engaged in the process of finding out more about each character’s unique level through their stories while still being able to identify oneself within them all.

Emotional Impact of the Endings

Ending varies in Teaching Feeling emotional weight:

Happy Ending: After learning that Sylvie is happy and safe, an individual may have a sense of satisfaction and elation.

Normal Ending: The feeling about this type of ending could be a bit sad but sweet in that it shows how complicated relationships among people can be.

Bad Ending: The regret and sadness that come with this kind of ending are quite profound as it reveals what happens when one is neglected or abused.

Special Endings: Depending on different routes taken during the game, unique emotional experiences can be realized through special ends.


Teaching Feeling is a game that allows players to make decisions in the story, and this makes it very interesting. It is important to know that there are different ways the game can end so as to realize its depth of emotion. You need to think about what you do and how it affects Sylvie if you want to see all the ends of this visual novel.

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