A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Trust with Sylvie in Teaching Feeling

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Trust with Sylvie in Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling is a unique visual novel game that focuses on building an emotional connection with Sylvie, a traumatized girl. As a player, your goal is to help Sylvie recover and build a trusting relationship with her through your interactions and choices. Here is a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to build trust with Sylvie in Teaching Feeling.

Understanding Sylvie’s Background

Sylvie has endured a difficult past, and her initial interactions with you are marked by fear and hesitation. Understanding her background is crucial for making the right choices that will help her feel safe and begin to trust you. Pay close attention to her reactions and the context of her story to guide your actions appropriately.

Step 1: Initial Interactions

Show Compassion and Patience

When you first meet Sylvie, your primary goal should be to show her kindness and patience. Avoid making any sudden or forceful actions that might scare her. Simple gestures like offering her a comfortable place to stay and providing her with basic needs can help her feel more secure.

Engage in Gentle Conversation

Start by engaging in gentle conversations. Ask her about her day, listen to her responses, and show genuine interest in her well-being. Your tone should be calm and reassuring to help her feel at ease.

Step 2: Daily Interactions and Care

Offer Daily Care

Regularly check on Sylvie’s health and provide her with food and clean clothes. This consistent care will help build her trust in you. The game mechanics allow you to interact with her multiple times a day, so use these opportunities to show her that you care.

Respect Her Space

It’s important to respect Sylvie’s personal space. Avoid making physical contact until she shows signs of being comfortable with it. Forcing interactions can lead to a negative outcome and hinder the trust-building process.

Step 3: Building Emotional Bonds

Positive Reinforcement

Reward Sylvie with positive reinforcement when she responds well to your care. Compliment her, encourage her, and acknowledge her progress. This will boost her confidence and reinforce the trust she is starting to build in you.

Avoid Negative Outcomes

Make choices that prioritize Sylvie’s emotional and physical well-being. The game presents various scenarios where you must decide the best course of action. Always choose the options that protect and support her, avoiding actions that could lead to negative outcomes or harm her trust in you.

Step 4: Deepening the Relationship

Gradual Physical Contact

Once Sylvie begins to trust you, she might start to feel comfortable with light physical contact, like a pat on the head. These small gestures can significantly enhance your bond, but they must be approached slowly and respectfully.

Engage in Shared Activities

Participate in activities that Sylvie enjoys. This can include simple things like taking walks together or helping her with hobbies. Shared experiences will strengthen your emotional connection and create positive memories.

Step 5: Long-term Trust and Care

Consistent Support

Continue to provide consistent support and care for Sylvie. Building trust is an ongoing process, and maintaining a stable, nurturing environment is key to a long-lasting relationship.

Communicate Openly

Encourage open communication. Ask Sylvie about her feelings and thoughts regularly, and make sure she feels heard and understood. This will help her feel more comfortable sharing her emotions and relying on you for support.


Building trust with Sylvie in Teaching Feeling requires patience, empathy, and consistent care. By making thoughtful choices and prioritizing her well-being, you can help Sylvie heal from her past traumas and develop a strong, trusting relationship with her.

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